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SP045F03B Replacement Filter

Our Replacement SP045F03B hydraulic filter element is manufactured in strict original factory quality.
Compared with other OEM manufacturers, we have more competitive prices.
Our products have passed ISO16889 multi-pass and Dynamic Filter Efficiency (DFE) testing.

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Replace OEM Brand Stauff
Bluslot Part# BLU-SF-B-01
Type Hydraulic Filter Element
Filtration accuracy 3 microns
Out diameter (top) 78.86 mm
Out diameter (bottom) 78.86 mm
Inner diameter 41.15 mm
Length 116.84 mm
Filter media Microglass Fiber + Epoxy mesh
Seal Buna / Nitrile
Collapse rating 3045 psid
Maximum operating temperature 250
Operating temperature -30 to 250
Filter Area 230
Differential Withstand Pressure ΔP 210 bar
End cap Corrosion Resistant CS/AL
Filter direction FOTI
Specification Met ISO


  • Consistent with the original quality.
  • Using high-quality raw materials, it has a long service life.
  • Strong dirt holding capacity.
  • The dimensional tolerance is small and the filtration efficiency is stable.

Note: When the pressure difference of the filter is too high, please clean or replace the filter element in time.

The SP045F03B filter element of Bluslot® is used to remove or block the wear of the external intrusion element during operation.

It can effectively prevent premature wear or seizure of high-precision components and actuators due to contamination. The filter element has the characteristics of compact structure and small volume.

And the filter element is made of high-quality glass fiber, which has the advantages of high precision, strong oil passing ability, low original pressure, and large dirt holding capacity.

Inspection standard of SP045F03B

  • Filter burst resistance verification according to ISO 2941
  • Filter element structural integrity per ISO 2943
  • Filter compatibility verification according to ISO 2943
  • Filter filter characteristics according to ISO 4572
  • Filter differential pressure characteristics according to ISO 3968
  • Flow differential pressure characteristic test according to ISO 3968

If you are interested in our replacement SP045F03B, please contact us.

Additional information

Dimensions 82 × 82 × 120 cm

78.86 mm


41.15 mm


116.84 mm

Bluslot Part#


Shipping method

Express and Air Freight


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