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  • Replace brand: Boll & Kirch.
  • SKU: 1340980.
  • Filtration Rating: Bx = 200 Bx[c] = 1000
  • MOQ: 1.
SKU: 1340980 Category:


1340980 Marine filter for BOLL.
Candle filters can be used to remove impurities from lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. The cleanliness of hydraulic oil can be guaranteed for a long time.
Our replacement filter cartridges are manufactured exactly to the specifications of the original filter cartridges. Strictly in accordance with ISO quality standards.

Quality Standard:
If the replacement filter element you received has any quality problems, we offer a free exchange service.

1340980 Ball replacement filter element is made of high-quality 304 metal mesh as raw material. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
strong and sturdy. Filter fittings are made of plastic fitting boxes and stainless steel fittings.
The inner support is a wedge wire tube. Unlike other manufacturers of alternative filter elements. We have production equipment for wedge wire tubes.
Our wedge wire tubes are stronger in structure and provide better support.

Our 1340980 replacement filter element is perfectly interchangeable with the original filter element but is inexpensive.



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