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  • SKU: 1360014.
  • Length: 320.0 mm.
  • Diameter of top: 20.0 mm.
  • Diameter of bottom: 20.0 mm.
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Our replacement 1360014 Boll filter element is mainly used to remove impurities from various oil filters.

We use high-quality raw materials. High filtration precision and stable filtration performance. It has a long service life and can be perfectly replaced with the original filter element.

Bluate is a professional manufacturer of replacement filter elements. Replacement BOLL filter cartridges, mechanical filters, industrial marine filters, and candle filter elements can be produced in all models and sizes.

This replacement candle filter has the characteristics of low-pressure loss resistance, high strength, repeated cleaning, and backwashing.

If you buy in bulk, we can offer very competitive prices.

Our replacement filter cartridges are robust and easy to install and remove. No filter material will fall out of the filter element during use. Strong corrosion resistance and wide operating temperature range.

Application: marine engines, metallurgical, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, paper making, textile,

food and medicine, life, and environmental protection, oil, and water filtration, involving all industries.

Minimize your spare parts costs with our 1360014 BOLL replacement filter cartridges.

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