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  • Replace brand: AGCO
  • SKU: 587596D1
  • Type: Filter element
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Bluslot No.: BLU-AO-V-29
SKU: 587596D1 Category:


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587596D1 filter element ordering instructions:

1. Due to the variety of filter elements, the technical parameters of the product involve many related factors, the actual product may be different from the image, and the image is for reference only. The actual receipt shall prevail. There may be discrepancies between the online price and the actual price. Please contact us for accurate information.
2. Description of freight: The freight shall be borne by our company;
3. Actual: Due to changes in market conditions, the actual may fluctuate, and the collective shall be subject to the negotiation between the two parties.
4. Transaction method: payment upon delivery.
5. Delivery cycle: The specific model shall prevail. Since there are many types of filter elements, the general filter element production cycle is 3-5 days, and our company shall prevail.
6. Return and exchange policy: After confirming the model/sample, our company will produce it according to the model/sample; if the product does have quality problems, our company promises to exchange or return the product, and the freight will be borne by our company. Note: The cost of return will increase the customer’s cost too much, and the time delay and loss caused by return and exchange will far exceed the value of the goods themselves. (In order to avoid the above situation, please communicate with our company to confirm that it is correct before purchasing)
7. When necessary, you need to provide the samples you have on hand, so as to avoid some deviations in details.
8. If you have any suggestions and comments on our company, please advise. The development of our company is inseparable from your support and cooperation. I hope that you can continue to provide assistance in the future to seek common development and common progress!


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