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  • Replace brand: Parker
  • SKU: 937790Q
  • Type: Filter element
  • Material: Microglass
  • Bluslot No.: BLU-PK-V-40
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Place of Origin China
Certification ISO 9001:2015
Type 20Q Microglass
For fluid type Mineral and Petroleum Based Fluid
Structure Perforated support + stainless steel folding mesh
Seal Material Nitrile
Filter Housing Series TTF2 (1-60)
Total Height 105 mm
Diameter of top 72.0 mm
Diameter of bottom 72.0 mm
Inner diameter 45.0 mm
Filtration accuracy 20 microns
Beta Ratio 1
Beta Ration 2
Maximum Pressure Differential 305 Psi
Filter direction FOTI (Outside-In)
Beta Rating: B12
Operating Temp Min F -44F
Operating Temp Max F 241F
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Packaging Details Wooden box + carton + moisture-proof bag
Port Connection Type NPT
Application field Lubricating oil and hydraulic oil system
Packaging pcs 1
Filter Element Type: Conventional disposable element

The 937790Q replacement filter element produced by our company has a good use effect and a long service life, which is welcomed by the majority of customers.

Replacement hydraulic oil filter maintenance.

To ensure the working efficiency of the hydraulic oil filter element, you must maintain the hydraulic oil filter element. Pay attention to the smallest operations.

Before replacing the hydraulic oil filter element of the paver, the original hydraulic oil must be drained.

Then check the oil return filter, suction filter, and pilot filter.

Look carefully for iron filings, copper filings, or other contaminants attached to them. In some cases, the hydraulic system accessories may be faulty. Need to overhaul, then clean the system.


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