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  • Replace brand: AGCO
  • SKU: ACP0324140
  • Type: Filter element
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Bluslot No.: BLU-AO-V-15
SKU: ACP0324140 Category:


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Our ACP0324140 replacement filter element provides better protection for sensitive hydraulic components.

It prevents expensive equipment from being clogged with impurities. At the same time reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

Our ACP0324140 replacement filter element uses advanced materials and advanced production processes. Such as reasonable wrinkle size and quantity, high-quality sealing components, etc. Maximizes reliability and durability while enhancing protection from contaminants.

Maintaining a hydraulic system is crucial to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. One of the most important components of a hydraulic system is the hydraulic filter. This filter plays a vital role in keeping the system clean and free from impurities that could damage the system’s components or affect its performance.

There are several key factors to consider when selecting a hydraulic filter for your system. The first factor is the filter’s micron rating. A high-quality hydraulic filter should be able to remove contaminants down to a specific micron size to ensure that the hydraulic fluid is free from debris and clean.

The second factor is the filter’s capacity. A hydraulic filter’s capacity is the amount of debris it can hold before requiring replacement. A filter with a higher capacity is more effective and can last longer between replacements, ultimately reducing maintenance costs.

The third factor is the filter’s construction and durability. A hydraulic filter should be made of robust materials that can withstand high pressure, temperature, and vibration without cracking or breaking.

Investing in a high-quality hydraulic filter for your system can lead to significant cost savings in the long run by preventing system downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and extending the lifespan of your hydraulic components.


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