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  • Replace brand: MP Filtri
  • SKU: CU025M25NP01
  • Type: Filter element
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • OD Top: 52.0 mm
  • OD Bottom: 52.0 mm
  • ID: 26.0 mm
  • Length: 73.0 mm
SKU: CU025M25NP01 Category:


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Our CU025M25NP01 replacement filters use high-quality raw materials. The choice of raw materials determines the filtration efficiency and service life of the replacement filter element. To this end, we cooperated with local universities to jointly develop high-performance glass fiber materials. Through a large number of end-use experiments, our new glass fiber material has a very high and stable filtration efficiency. And the service life is increased by 30%, which greatly saves the cost of replacing the filter element.
Great price. Maybe you were buying replacement filters from a middleman before, and we are a manufacturer from China. You donā€™t need to pay high intermediary fees, and we can produce in bulk or retail (1 piece is also available). Our prices are below the market average, and if you buy in bulk you will get an amazing price. If the purchased quantity exceeds 30 pieces, we will bear the sea freight.


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