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  • Replace brand: MP Filtri
  • SKU: CU25M25NP01
  • Type: Filter element
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • OD Top: 52.0 mm
  • OD Bottom: 52.0 mm
  • ID: 26.0 mm
  • Length: 73.0 mm
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The hazards of water, gas, and impurities in hydraulic oil:

The oil is rapidly oxidized and deteriorated to form acidic substances, which corrode the metal contact surface.

The precipitation of additives in the oil fails, the thickness of the lubricating film is reduced, and the mechanical wear is aggravated.

Lubrication, cooling, and flow reduction accelerates metal surface fatigue.

Ice crystals that form at low temperatures clog components and reduce system rigidity.

The system response is slow and is accompanied by a decrease in the conduction performance of irregular movements.

The higher the temperature of the oil, the less cooling will not be achieved.

Oil transfer pump and power equipment damaged by cavitation.

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