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  • Replace brand: Pall
  • SKU: HC8300FKS39H-YC11
  • Type: Filter element
  • Bluslot No.: BLU-PL-F-01
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HC8300FKS39H-YC11 substitute for wind power filter element is mainly used for filtration of the hydraulic system of wind power station turbine.
The filter element contains a slightly less accurate stainless steel mesh filter element to ensure that the filter element is blocked during use. When the bypass valve is opened, the filter element can still play a certain filtering effect. Reduce unnecessary equipment wear and extend equipment life.

Wind turbine fan gearbox filter working principle and filter parameters:


The filter element is two-stage filtration, and the precision of the two filter elements is 10 μm and 25 μm respectively. In normal working conditions, the lubricating oil is filtered by a 10μ filter element. When the 10μm filter element is blocked and the differential pressure is greater than or equal to 4bar, the one-way valve is opened, and the lubricating oil is filtered through the 25μm filter element. The differential pressure before and after the filter is monitored by a differential pressure transmitter. When the differential pressure is greater than or equal to 3 bar, a signal is sent to prompt the replacement of the filter element.

(Note: When the lubricating system is just started, the lubricating oil temperature does not meet the normal working oil temperature (40℃) requirements. The oil viscosity is high, and a relatively high-pressure difference may be formed when passing through the filter element. At this time, the differential pressure transmitter The signal is for reference only, not as an action signal.)

There is a pressure measuring connector in front of the filter, and the pressure gauge can be used to measure the system pressure. There is an exhaust valve on the top of the filter to remove the gas in the lubricating oil. Brazed coolers are produced from high-quality stainless steel sheets for water-oil heat exchange.


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