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  • Replace brand: AGCO
  • SKU: 1687647M1
  • Type: Filter element
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Bluslot No.: BLU-AO-V-40
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1687647M1 has various porosity (28%-50%), pore size (4u-160u) and filtration precision (0.2um-100um), the pores are crisscrossed, high temperature resistance, resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating. Corrosion resistance. It is suitable for a variety of corrosive media such as acids and alkalis. The stainless steel filter element is resistant to general acid and alkali and organic corrosion, especially suitable for sulfur-containing gas filtration. It has high strength and good toughness. It is suitable for high-pressure environments. Can be welded, Easy to load and unload. Stable pore shape and uniform distribution ensure stable filtration performance. Good regeneration performance. After repeated cleaning and regeneration, the filtration performance will recover more than 90%.


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