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  • Replace brand: AGCO
  • SKU: 7069558M92
  • Type: Filter element
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Bluslot No.: BLU-AO-V-16
SKU: 7069558M92 Category:


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MF GC1723 E, MF GC1725 M, MF GC1705, MF GC1710 TLB, MF GC1715, MF GC1720 TLB, MF 1735M, MF 1760M, MF 1740M, MF GC241.

7069558M92 replaces suction strainers to protect the pump from particle damage. The filter element is constructed of stainless steel so it can be back washed for cleaning and reuse. In order to strengthen the anti-corrosion ability, the surface is galvanized.


How to buy your 7069558M92 replacement filter element?
We currently do not offer online payment methods. Please send an email to our salesperson and we will give you a huge discount.

How soon can I receive the goods?
No matter which country you are in, you can receive your goods in 3-7 days.

Is there a discount on your 7069558M92 replacement filter element?
First of all, we are a manufacturer, so our prices are very competitive. Then, if you buy more than 10 pieces, you get a huge discount and we cover the shipping costs.


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